Space Under is an Architectural Office for Practice and Research based in Athens, Greece, aiming to promote interdisciplinarity between the fields of architecture, arts and innovative software and hardware technologies. Dedicated to the promotion and development of new hybrid directions, it is constantly expanding the network of its collaborators in Greece and abroad through a variety of activities.

SpaceUnder has an educational and research character while it practices as a design and architecture studio by developing architectural and artistic audio-visual projects. Space Under aims to establish a continuous dialogue between it's educational programs and the production of original works. At the same time, it expands it's educational activities by hosting and curating multimedia events and exhibitions.

Space Under's educational agenda is oriented towards joined academic and applied research, through experimentation and collaboration between different creative fields. This agenda refers to students and professionals that wish to investigate unfamiliar territories that exist on the intersection of different disciplines.

Finally, SpaceUnder's pluralistic view towards arts and architecture is featured on its on-line editorial. Its international network of contributors, through articles, interviews and visits on art and architecture, intends to generate inspiration for future art to happen .


Nota Tsekoura

Founder | Project Manager| General Director

Morten Bülow

Projects Team Collaborator | Tutor


Anna Andreou

Intern - Interior Design


Nota Tsekoura

Founder | Project Manager| General Director

Daniel Canogar

Artist | Guest Tutor

Renia Papathanasiou

Sound engineer |Computer Arts| Tutor

John Grzinich

Sound Artist | Guest Tutor

Marilena Georgantzi

Collaborator | Tutor

Santi Vilanova

Designer | Guest Tutor

Spyros Stravoravdis

Architect | Guest Tutor

Marinos Koutsomichalis

Sound Artist and Researcher |Tutor


Tutor | visual programming

Javier Pena Galiano

Architect | Guest Tutor

Marilena Kouvidi

Architect | Projects Team Member | Tutor

Michael Lew

Guest Tutor | media artist-research engineer

Sinan Bökesoy

Sound & Music Computation | Guest Tutor

Christina Chrysanthopoulou

Digital Artist | Architect | Tutor

Anna Laskari

Architect | Tutor

Alexandros Drymonitis

Tutor | Sound | Interaction

Tassos Kanellos

Architect | Tutor

Jon Goodbun

Architect | Guest Tutor


Nastazia Spyropoulou

Team collaborator

Matina Charalambi

Contributor at Space Under Editorial

Eliana Voutsadakis

Contributor at Space Under Editorial

Georgia Voudouri

Contributor at Space Under Editorial

Rodrigo Toledo

Contributor at Space Under Editorial