Christina Chrysanthopoulou

Digital Artist | Architect | Tutor

Christina Chrysanthopoulou is an architect engineer and digital artist, born in Greece in 1986.

Based on the theories of the Situationist International, on one hand her research deals with the possibilities of transforming the urban public space into ludic space. On the other hand, she is experimenting with the integration of physical elements in virtual reality experiences. For both purposes large part of her research is concentrated on video games and immersive virtual reality applications. Ultimately her goal is to combine both approaches to create experiences that concern the virtual, the physical and the urban.

She graduated from the department of Architecture Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens in 2012. In June 2015, she graduated from the European Master's degree titled "Art, Virtual Reality and Multiuser Systems of Artistic Expression”, a collaboration between the Athens School of Fine Arts and the department of Arts and Technologies of the Image of the Paris 8 University. Her individual and group works have been presented in several conferences and festivals, including the IEEE VR2015 International Conference and the Ars Electronica Festival 2015.

Currently she is member and co-founder of ViRA team in which is focusing mainly on virtual reality, interactive and hybrid artistic applications, performance and installations. The team combines artistic creativity with strong technical skills to produce experiences which are at the same time aesthetically appealing and functional.