Renia Papathanasiou

Sound engineer |Computer Arts| Tutor

Renia Papathanasiou is a musician, sound engineer and computer artist. She completed her studies in Music Technology and Acoustics at the Higher Technological Institute of Crete, Department of Rethymno and her Master of Arts in "Art, virtual reality and multi-user systems of artistic expression" at the National School of Fine Arts of Athens and the University Paris VIII. She has worked as a music teacher as well as an event manager and personal assistant in the music industry in Athens and Crete. Since 2013 her research concentrates in virtual reality systems and artistic interactive installations as well as in the involvement of virtual reality systems in art education especially addressed to children with special needs.

Her individual and team works have been presented in several conferences and festivals, including the IEEE VR2015 and the International Conference: The Future of Education, 5th Edition (2015).

Currently she is member and co-founder of ViRA team in which is focusing mainly on virtual reality, interactive and hybrid artistic applications, performance and installations. The team combines artistic creativity with strong technical skills to produce experiences which are at the same time aesthetically appealing and functional.