Rodrigo Toledo

Contributor at Space Under Editorial

Rodrigo Toledo, is an Architect residing in Medellín, Colombia. He has a Master degree in Advanced Architecture from IaaC, Barcelona, Spain. He is an Assistant professor at the School of Architecture at the Pontificia Bolivariana University, Medellín, Colombia. Rodrigo is Co-director of F.L.O.W. architecture and digital fabrication workshops as well as a Co-director and writer for the online publication Architecture Pills []. Rodrigo has worked as a researcher for several architecture and culture related books with Mesa Editores. He is a guest lecturer at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia (Medellín, Colombia) and the cultural association La Casa Ida (Lima, Perú). He has worked on several architecture studios in Colombia from 2004 to 2010. Founder of the architecture studio bit.arquitectura in 2010.