Sinan Bökesoy

Sound & Music Computation | Guest Tutor

Sinan Bökesoy, Ph.D. in computer music research (University of Paris), Bc.S. Electronics Engineering (Technical University of Istanbul). As a composer and researcher in computer music, Sinan Bokesoy has presented his compositional works at various festivals and academic conferences such as International Computer Music Conference, Digital Audio FX, NIME conference, Journees Informatique Musicale, Sound & Music Computing, GRM Radio France, etc. from London to Japan. His research articles have been published on prestigious conferences and also in Computer Music Journal (MIT press). He has been in the paper reading committee of NIME conference since 2006. He has studied with Horacio Vaggione, Gerard Pape, Agostino DiScipio and collaborated with artists/researchers such as Roland Auzet, Daito Manabe, Thierry Coduys and Sylvain Marchand.

His compositions have been included in compilations such as ComputerMusicJournal DVD 2007 (MIT press) and his 2009 album “Tales of Future” and 2011 album “Bosphorus Decomposed” has been published by EMI Music. 

Since 2005, he has been working in France in contemporary spectacles and contemporary music theaters as a electronic music composer and multimedia coordinator. (Espace des Arts, Chalon sur Saone and Radio France)

Since 2007, he has been performing as a multimedia artist using sensors attached on his body for live audio and video treatment. As being commissioned by various organizations and projects, he continues composing and performing by combining his artistic and technological skills. In Istanbul, he has realized a large scale installation and concert project called “Tales of Future” involving latest multimedia applications with the financial support of Istanbul2010 and many associations such as Kuka Robotics, Germany. A smaller version of this project has been re-implemented in Genoa/Italy – 2013 and will be also presented in Venice Music Bienale 2014.