Toshiko Horiuchi Mac Adam, Using high school geometry

“Everybody can steal material and money but nobody can steal your brain and your heart”.

ARTICLES Brick-Cladding as Performance

where the architectural research avant-garde collides with operatic art, The Salisbury Proverbs, The Bastille Dances

VISITS Sigurd Larsen studio visit

It is a 'concrete' world

ARTICLES War Architecture II

Sounds of the Near Future

ARTICLES Towards an Open Dialogue

Art Object and Exhibition Space

INTERVIEWS Robert Wilson, The mask as a whole stage

"Inspiration can come from anywhere, anything"

VISITS The Aeolian Symphony

Max Eastley – Aeolian Circles- Singuhr Gallery

ARTICLES Panopticons and Reality Television | Part II

Michel Foucault´s reflections on Jeremy Bentham´s Panopticon

ARTICLES Panopticons and Reality Television

Michel Foucault´s reflections on Jeremy Bentham´s Panopticon

ARTICLES War architecture

Bunkers & Paul Virilio | Monuments or Icons?

INTERVIEWS Minimaforms, arch, design & "digital materialism"

"We use architecture and design as a vehicle to speculate and explore communication."

ARTICLES Who will print it first?

In their attempt to transform into scientists, architects around the globe are turning their offices into laboratories.

INTERVIEWS Jürgen Mayer H. , Disciplinary Overlaps

"In many cases, it’s the clarity of a concept itself that can be most fulfilling."

ARTICLES The Wooden Toy, Amon Tobin, ISAM

AMON TOBIN is testing the boundaries between visual, sculptural and musical experience even further!

INTERVIEWS Jacob Kirkegaard, finding the hidden in sound!

"I think that one of the times I feel most alive, is when I record sound."

INTERVIEWS Dave Taylor, architecture meets comics

"I used to draw in the back of my dads architectural plans."

INTERVIEWS Carsten Nicolai, An architect becomes a sound artist

"I do not think that architecture, in its honest, truth will change much. "

FLASHBACK J.Derrida and Art installation?

"I like America, tribute to Jacques Derrida"

INTERVIEWS Thanassis Moutsopoulos, 70's Athens in 2013

city walk & talk with the art critic

VISITS Office visit at J.Mayer H. architecture studio

Whatever the project, process and final outcome is, it should be special, innovative and certainly not boring!

ARTICLES The "ghost swimming pool" dream!

art installation called “Thirst” in the city of Dragør.

INTERVIEWS Brandon LaBelle, Sound Specific Space

"we might say that architecture is less about the form and more about its animation."


showcases of more than 500 designers from more than 30 countries.

VISITS Arata Isozaki, visit at the BCN studio

Arata Isozaki's interest is not about daily issues of construction

ARTICLES Iannis Xenakis Tribute - 91'st anniversary

11 experts quote about Iannis Xenakis for SpaceUnder.

ARTICLES Home of the Future

The future of our domestic life?

INTERVIEWS Karl Kliem, Music Visualizations

"The heavy, robust and massive machinery on the farm excited me. "

INTERVIEWS Benedetta Tagliabue, Architecture meets colours

"I think that in a way we always try to privilege multiple observation points."

VISITS Best of milan design week '13

The design journey of the year