Inside Famous Architecture Offices


By Nota Tsekoura, on 03rd Jul, 2017 22:01

Have you ever wondered how do some of the largest and famous international architectural and design offices look like? How does the working environment look like in such offices?

Space Under takes you behind the doors of the famous EMBT offices (Enric Miralles Benedetta Tagliabue Arquitectos), OAB (Office Architecture Barcelona), J.Mayer Architects, Aisslinger Studio.

Enric Miralles Benedetta Tagliabue Architects, Barcelona, Spain | image credits Space Under

Benedetta Tagliabue continues to develop the office created by the great architect Enric Mirrages, receiving significant awards for the latest projects made by the office. Benedetta always follows the motto "In a way we always try to give privilege to multiple points of observation".

OAB Architects, Barcelona, Spain | image credits Space Under

Carlos Ferrater's OAB office in Barcelona may seem a family affair, since Lucia's and Borja, Carlos Ferrater children, are a dynamic part of the office, but this does not prevent the office from continuously developing a number of highly successful projects across Spain and abroad, always bringing fresh ideas and design solutions.

J.Mayer Architects, Berlin, Germany | image credits Space Under

Jurgen Mayer reminds his employees every day : "Stay always curious, keep your eyes open and do not be afraid to try new things!" while the puppy of the office is shuffling around the employees' feet.

Studio Asslinger, Berlin, Germany | image credits Space Under

Werner Aisslinger, despite the great success he has known as a design firm, often sponsors himself to carry out projects that relate to his own personal ambition and not to the needs of his clients, always staying alert.