Date: 22nd November '13

Lecturer: Thanos Kiriakides

closed lecture: only for the workshop's participants

BLIND ADAM is an ongoing art project, debuted in 2007, by former fashion editor Thanos Kyriakides. A physical visual impairment challenged him towards a new vision in order to explore and communicate the rich human mysteries from the center of art’s exciting vortex. Inspired by Jean Cocteau’s surreal paradoxes, Giacometti's austere textural elegance and by the allegoric tale "The Emperor's new clothes" he creates art forms that propose a new language using assembled hand-knotted wool yarn. The ghostly exoskeletons of garments forming collections presented in acts, explore the boundaries between body, space and exposure. The canvas series through the reference of the Braille system of communication for the blind turn into automatic writing, evoking symbols, a prayerful tactility and yet remain open to various interpretations. All installations are challenging environments; monuments of transcendental meditation, they draw attention to the collective subconscious, by subverting beliefs in established ideas of absence, reality, hallucination and spirituality.