Dates: 1st - 8th December 2017

Hours: 17hours
Fees: 160euros + VAT (the price includes the cost of the equipment of each participant)

Discounts: Early bird: 15%discount (early bird is only for registrations until 23rd October 2017) | Previous Space Under students profit 25% discount | Students|unemployed 10%discount
*Important note: discounts are not summed, participants can only get one discount either the early bird, or the student or the previous Space Under participant discount.

Open to: Architects, Designers, musicians and all creative professionals

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Application Deadline: 20th November 2017 ( early bird deadline: 10th November)


3dPd is a hardware modular synthesizer based on Pure Data and Arduino, developed by the tutor of this workshop proposal. It is an open-source and open-hardware project running on a single Raspberry Pi 3 and a Teensy 3.2. This workshop focuses on teaching the infrastructure of the synthesizer and on building custom modules for this system. The participants will first be introduced to the modular system, the way the hardware and the software works, and how they communicate. Then the focus will shift to the software for each module (Pure Data abstractions), based on the module software tutorials provided with the code (GitHub). A prototype based on the source code will be built (part on printed circuitboards, part on breadboards) so the participants can better understand how the software is linked to the hardware. Then the participants will start creating their own module software, depending on their own approach to synthesizers and music.

The tutor will provide all the necessary circuit boards. Each participant will receive circuit boards that will enable them to build up to four modules. Note that the basic infrastructure of the system of the system will run on PCBs, but the parts that are specific to each module (potentiometers, switches, LEDs, etc.) will be built on breadboards.

Each participant should have a Teensy 3.2 or Teensy LC, a laptop to program the synthesizer, and some peripherals (like an Ethernet cable, some jumper wires, trimmers, a 5V PSU, etc.).

This synthesizer is aimed at running on an embedded computer, so the participants are strongly urged to have a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B, or some other kind of SBC (Single Board Computer).

Note: The participants will build a finished synthesizer designed by them. We will provide the LASERCUTTING for their synthesizer bodies.

Tutorials with cover the following:

Pure Data basics, Arduino, electronics


Pure Data, Arduino /Raspberry Pi

Calendar: ΤΒΑ

TUTORS: Alexandros Drymonitis

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