Dates: 2nd-22th June 2014

Parametric construction workshop focuses on algorithmic architecture. The workshop explores design fundamentals for efficiently structuring complex geometries, introducing participants to generative design for architectural modelling. Such methods give flexibility in free-form, non-linear design methods, geometric deformations and transformations, as well as organization of dependencies in design. We will deal with digital parametric processes that optimize design and directly link it with fabrication technologies. A full educational agenda will be followed and assimilated by all participants in all levels including tutorials, development studios and an 1:1 scale prototype construction.

Steps: Rhino Tutorials, Grasshopper Tutorials, Development Studio,1:1 Prototype
Tools: We will work with Rhino 5 (McNeel) and Grasshopper plugin
Outcome:1:1 scale prototype parametric structure
Hours of classes: 26

Open to: Architects, Designers and all creative professionals