Sonic Construction

A 3-Days Workshop on MaxMSP & Cosmosƒ BASICS

A three-day marathon on Sonic Construction! In 20th century composers and computer music researchers have labored extensive research in controlling the dynamic morphology of sound, in order to break it into new realms and to handle it in new contexts. With technological achievements in digital audio, today we can propose rich tools and speed results in advanced sonic design.  A paradigm of following strict formalized musical processes can be witnessed for instance in the works of I. Xenakis and other 20th century composers who use mathematical concepts and computational models as formal frameworks for composition. We can describe the temporal aspects of such operations as transformations in continuum, and controlling the emergent behavior, complexity and transitions of order-disorder.

The workshop will include theory and software tutorial sessions focusing on the algorithmic approaches and the organisation of sonic structures that aims to extend the act of composition of the sonic material towards a transition of the timbre composition establishing a musical form by itself.

Software | Tools:

MaxMSP multimedia programming platform of Cycling74: Sound design is directly related to the tools; and the liberty and originality comes from dedicated software programming for the desired design goals. MaxMSP is one of the easiest to learn but also a well established programming environment. It’s interactive graphical user interface delivers from simple to very complex live electronic sound manipulation potential as well as the ability of interfacing with other domains such as computer graphics / live video treatment, external devices control etc.  

Cosmosƒ, the advanced stochastic sound synthesis tool by sonicLAB : Cosmosƒ is a tool which is made for computer music and sound design, a design of the macro - sound. It does truly use the computer for sonic calculation and digital audio rendering, a kind which is impossible to do by hand.

The sonic macro form cannot be predefined, neither materialized nor considered as something of a higher abstract level; but we consider its existence as a potential sonic emergency.

Cosmosƒ proposes a bottom-up organizational approach on sonic construction of multiple time-scales, where the composition of the sonic entities is gradually exhibiting a process of change in timbre space. In a multi-scale approach, all levels are emerging because they are nested, manifesting from reciprocity for all the relationships involved in the compositional network.The emergent behavior is in fact a phenomenon of the bottom-up construction of the sound.

Whilst similar existing software tools do focus in exploring the possibilities of controlling the granular streams of sound, Cosmosƒ presents algorithmic approaches with the help of mathematical methods not just to handle a granular stream of sound events, but also to explore new ways of sonic organization within multiple layers and complexity. Hence, It can be a very powerful tool in sound design for media-game/film audio, for live electronics, installations and computer music compositions. 

Tutor: Sinan Bökesoy