Dates: 2 -11 February 2018

Hours: 22hours
Fees: 230euros + vat

Discounts: Early bird: 15%discount (early bird is only for registrations until 23rd October 2017) | Previous Space Under students profit 25% discount | Students|Unemployed 10%discount
*Important note: discounts are not summed, participants can only get one discount either the early bird, or the student or the previous Space Under participant discount.

Open to: Architects, Designers and all creative professionals

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Application Deadline: 16 January 2018 ( early bird deadline: 1st December 2017)


How to create immersive virtual spaces and intuitive interactions within them.

This workshop aims to combine technical knowledge with conceptual challenges that use virtual reality as an instrument to artistically explore human emotions. The project based workshop “‘In Dreams” aims towards the design of dreamlike environments that create a bridge between perception of reality and imagination. The goal of the each project is to offer a conscious exploration of dreams to the user by giving him/her the possibility to act and alter the narrative.

Learning Outcomes:

Participants will be introduced to the Unity game engine and learn how to create, implement and combine necessary assets (graphics, audio, scripts etc) in the creation of virtual environments for virtual reality platforms, and focus on the development challenges virtual reality arises. The workshop is divided in two educational categories: tutorials and project development.


The aim of the project development is to guide the participants through a process of structuring their ideas and creating a strategic framework. Furthermore, by forming groups of work each student will choose a domain of focus and learn about task management in terms of game development, leading to the creation of a completed project.

Tutorials with cover the following:

Unity basics, Scene Building, Graphics in Unity, Physics in Unity, Animation in Unity, Audio in Unity and Sound Design, Basic Scripting, Oculus integration, Oculus Touch integration


Unity game engine
Oculus Rift CV1
Oculus Touch

Calendar: ΤΒΑ

TUTORS: Christina Chrysanthopoulou & Renia Papathanasiou

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