Toshiko Horiuchi Mac Adam, Using high school geometry

“Everybody can steal material and money but nobody can steal your brain and your heart”.

Robert Wilson, The mask as a whole stage

"Inspiration can come from anywhere, anything"

INTERVIEWS Minimaforms, arch, design & "digital materialism"

"We use architecture and design as a vehicle to speculate and explore communication."

INTERVIEWS Jürgen Mayer H. , Disciplinary Overlaps

"In many cases, it’s the clarity of a concept itself that can be most fulfilling."

INTERVIEWS Jacob Kirkegaard, finding the hidden in sound!

"I think that one of the times I feel most alive, is when I record sound."

INTERVIEWS Dave Taylor, architecture meets comics

"I used to draw in the back of my dads architectural plans."

INTERVIEWS Carsten Nicolai, An architect becomes a sound artist

"I do not think that architecture, in its honest, truth will change much. "

INTERVIEWS Thanassis Moutsopoulos, 70's Athens in 2013

city walk & talk with the art critic

INTERVIEWS Brandon LaBelle, Sound Specific Space

"we might say that architecture is less about the form and more about its animation."

INTERVIEWS Karl Kliem, Music Visualizations

"The heavy, robust and massive machinery on the farm excited me. "

INTERVIEWS Benedetta Tagliabue, Architecture meets colours

"I think that in a way we always try to privilege multiple observation points."